Come forward and Support our friends- Essence of Kumaon- Kilmora



I still have a clear memories when I was little 5 yr old and accompanied my dad to dusty "haat" of Amravati, this generous farmer always greet me with this sweet word " Gondus" and alway gifted me free "Potato"

They are the selfless humans who have created our country.

As we pass through these undefined times, it become our moral-soul responsibility to step up and support direct farm goods.
Being culturally agrarian, we all have roots and connect to our generous countryman "FARMER".

Kilmora a deep rooted concept from the Himalayan kingdom state "Uttarakhand" established by Central Himalayan Rural Action Group (CHIRAG) in 1996. Its is mandated to plough back all profit into rural development activities.
These are challenging times and some of the hardest hit are those who depend on social organisation like Kilmora.



Even I accept we have comfort to order from endless online stores but none of them benefits the rural economy as much kilmora do.
Here below is the list of naturally grown products from Kilmora, from immunity booster smoothie to cold pressed flax seed oil, these all products have pure strength of Himalayas.

You can download the order form on the below  link and directly mail it to, if you need anymore assistance please get in touch with us.

"Stay Happy Stay Kind"



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