If you are looking for re-energising your BOHO soul then " Macrame + Decor " are the ones you can't afford to miss out.

These "art of knots" are a pure ingredient to transform your space reflecting boho vibes. These wall arts blend effortlessly with most of the plants, but my favourite  are succulents and araeae ones.


Philodendron Xanadu



Dieffenbachia Maculata


Rustic and handcrafted look makes macrame combination of elegance & bohemian style. Its is great for Bedroom, living/dining area, patio, workspace or anywhere outside.



Curate next to your music box, plants, foyer or any of your favourite corners, they are the perfect decor companion for your boho lifestyle.


Sturdy, durable and sustainable. Beautiful wall art creates a sense of harmony and comfort for your room.


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